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18 May 2010

Superb weekend in the city.
(Blackberry) dancing on the streets.
Make-a-Wish dancing from our seats.
Coffee and marmite, the give-and-take of newyork.


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12 February 2010
Sparktionary: Manhatty-Balt Collegiate Edition

Ading: [äd-iŋ] -n. orig. Ilocano.

A younger loved one.

Blackys: [blakk-iss] -pl. n. orig. Greek

Inspirational folders assembled in groups of nine in February.

Blahsezz Fair: [ble-sā-ˈfer] -adj. or adv. orig. FR ‘laissez-faire.’

Fancy talk for “whatever”.

Hudgester: [həj-stər] -proper n. orig. The Disney Channel.

Vanessa Hudgens.

Kuya: [kü-yä] -n. orig. Tagalog.

Older brother.

Lasagna Plates: [lə-ˈzän-yə plātz] -n. orig. Desperate Housewives playback.

The act of recording audio.

Megustability: [me-gü-stə-bi-lə-tē] -n. orig. drunken Jennifer Lopez references.

Scale of liking or disliking.

Megustalot: [me-gü-stə-lät] -?? orig. drunken Jennifer Lopez references.

Almost like loving, but better.

Ng (or Ng ng): [ng] -article orig. Tagalog.

Say this word whenever you inhale.

Shema: [shē-mä] -n. orig. Hebrew.

From the Torah from a phrase beginning “Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God the Lord is one”.A jewish prayer; to Emily, a cry out to the Lord.

Trottstuff: [trät-stəf] -v. orig. AIM conversation

To mobilize awesomeness.

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24 January 2010

you are going to the cold cold

but not for long

when ur back

I’ll be going to the hot hot

but not for long

& when im back

we’ll have a great laugh

& a slap

& our elbows up







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checkin’ in, twinny tinalmost a year since the last albumwe’re recording againgoing live
-j 22 January 2010

checkin’ in, twinny tin
almost a year since the last album
we’re recording again
going live


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17 April 2009
Dropping hints, Dropping tings
Found on a site coincidentally called sparkfun!
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26 February 2009

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